The human hip joint is the largest joint in the body, capable of bearing weight that facilitates walking, standing, running and playing sports.

It’s the weight-bearing component of this ball-and-socket joint that makes it especially vulnerable to injury. For younger patients, hip injury may result from accidents or sports participation. For older patients, slips and falls are the most common source of injury. This joint is also susceptible to the rigors of aging that cause it and surrounding tissues to deteriorate over time.

In northern Utah, the Center of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Excellence provides leading-edge diagnostics and treatment of hip pain and injury. Our goal is to restore your full functionality, allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities without pain or restriction.

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Common Hip Problems

Hip pain and problems can be especially debilitating, affecting patients’ ability to work, exercise or participate in their daily activities. The identification and treatment of pain is critical for restoring the ability to enjoy life.

Although hip problems are often associated with the aging process, even younger patients can sustain injury or develop chronic orthopedic disorders in this joint. Malformed sockets, overgrown bone and degenerative disease are common in younger patients. Avascular necrosis, a condition characterized by the death of bone cells in the femur, is the common result of accident or trauma.

Bursitis and osteoarthritis can cause stiffness, pain and restricted movement in the legs, thighs, knees and buttocks.

Diagnosis and Treatment of the Hip

To effectively diagnose problems of the hip joint, the doctor will likely recommend X-rays to evaluate potential issues with the bone. To assess damage or injury to the soft tissue surrounding the joint, advanced medical imaging tests such as an MRI are typically used.

Hip dislocation can be corrected without surgery in many cases. Corticosteroid injections, physical therapy and other noninvasive treatment protocols can be used to slow the progression of degenerative conditions, relieve pain and preserve the joint.

Orthopedic Hip Surgeryhip orthopedics west jordan

Although surgery once required extensive and difficult rehabilitation, today’s advanced orthopedic surgical techniques allow many patients to regain full mobility in a matter of weeks, even if hip replacement is required.

Minimally invasive surgical techniques used to treat hip injury include arthroscopic surgery for cartilage and tendon repair. The orthopedic surgeon may also be able to use a direct anterior approach for hip joint replacement. This technique facilitates a shorter, less painful recovery process.

Joint replacement surgery is avoidable for many patients, especially with early diagnosis and treatment. At the first signs of pain, injury or weakness, see an experienced orthopedic or sports medicine specialist.

The Center of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Excellence offers convenient northern Utah practice locations in Tooele, West Jordan, Riverton and West Valley City. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to diagnose and treat joint injury and orthopedic disorders. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive hip injury and pain treatment programs.

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