Salt Lake City’s Expert Hand and Wrist Surgeon

burrows orthopedic surgeon utahIf you’re in need of an expert hand surgeon in the greater Salt Lake City area, you’re in the right place. The Center of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Excellence (CORE) is proud to introduce you to Dr. J. Douglas Burrows, West Valley City’s expert hand and wrist surgeon.

Dr. Burrows, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has extensive training and certification in surgery of the hand and wrist. As the area’s preeminent hand doctor, he provides diagnosis and treatment for a variety of hand and wrist injuries and chronic conditions, including reconstructive and microsurgery of the hand.

Finger & Hand Surgery and Treatment

Our patients come to us for a variety of conditions and injuries, including finger fractures, cubital and carpal tunnel syndrome, mallet and trigger finger and cyst removal.

In addition to diagnosing and treating chronic conditions, our office also treats emergency finger injuries including performing microsurgery for reconstruction and nerve repair and reattaching fingers, and arthroscopic finger surgery for tendon repairs and other injuries.

Forearm & Wrist Surgery and Treatment

For wrist injury, forearm fractures and related conditions, Dr. Burrows is considered by his peers as a leading expert in advanced diagnostics and treatment.

A common hand injury that we encounter is known as a FOOSH fracture, or “fall on outstretched hand.” This potentially devastating wrist fracture commonly includes a break in the radius, injuries to the carpal ligaments and carpal bone fractures. The patient’s age and the details of the fall will determine how our experienced wrist surgeon approaches the repair.

However, with CORE’s state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging technology, we can recommend the most effective and least invasive approach to your treatment.

Why Is Dr. Burrows an Exceptional Hand & Wrist Doctor?

Our patients seek out Dr. Burrows because he focuses exclusively on the treatment of hands and wrists. With more than 20 years in practice, he has the training and experience necessary for this highly delicate and complex specialization.

Not only is Dr. Burrows board certified as a hand surgeon, he is also a member of the American Society of Hand Surgery. He completed a fellowship in micro-surgery of the hand at Sutter Davies Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco, California. He also completed a second fellowship in hand surgery at Loma Linda University in San Bernadino, California.

However, Dr. Burrows has never been content to rest on his laurels. For that reason, he continuously reviews new procedures and emerging technologies, updating his skills through ongoing medical education and training.

Not only do other distinguished surgeons and specialists refer their patients to Dr. Burrows for their hand and wrist surgery needs, but they also seek him out themselves for treatment. Surgeons rely on their hands for their work, and for the well-being of their own patients.

If surgeons trust Dr. Burrows as their wrist and hand doctor, shouldn’t you?

You can find Dr. Burrows at the Center of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Excellence (CORE), conveniently located near you in West Valley City, Utah.

Call us today to learn more about our services, and to schedule your appointment with this talented hand surgeon.