Prevent Wrist Injuries with These Easy Exercises

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries can be painful.

Your wrists take a constant beating, all day long. Whether you’re typing, driving, cooking dinner or playing sports, your wrists are in motio...
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Is Gamer’s Thumb a Real Hand Injury?

gamers thumb

Gamer’s thumb is a very real hand injury.

Sure, the condition may sound silly — who would believe you could suffer an injury playing video games?

In truth, video g...
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How Does a Hand Doctor Treat Trigger Finger?


Can a hand doctor help with trigger finger?

If one of your fingers is locked in a bent position, or if you feel pain and a popping sensation when you straighten the digit, yo...
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Foot Arch Pain Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention

foot arch pain

In the foot, arch pain or strain can sideline you from exercise and participation in your favorite sports. If you work on your feet, this problem can make for long or missed wor...
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Forearm Fractures in Children

forearm fractures

Children are especially prone to forearm fractures. In fact, almost half of childhood fractures involve either the radius or ulna — the two bones of the forearm — or both. Continue Reading

Hand & Wrist Tendon Surgery

tendon surgery

In the hand and wrist, tendons can rupture or become damaged, leading to severe pain and loss of use.

Treatment of tendon injuries is time-critical. Otherwise, the patient m...
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Are You at Risk for Hand Arthritis?

hand arthritis

Hand arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis, is a degenerative disease that can affect any part of the wrist, palm or fingers.

Some patients experience only mild symptoms. Oth...
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